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Optische Inspektionssysteme






Perfectly printed corrugated board thanks to CartonSTAR: Increased quality with 100% inline print inspection

ISRA VISION, the world’s leading provider of surface inspection systems, offers cutting-edge technology for continuous quality and process control of the printed image on corrugated board surfaces with its 100% inline inspection system CartonSTAR. The system, which is used in both “post-print” and “pre-print” stages of production, reliably differentiates between quality-relevant defects and inhomogeneous surfaces.

Never before has there been as much emphasis on quality and consistency of printed corrugated board. Due to these increasing demands, suppliers of state-of-the-art packaging solutions need to provide precisely documented quality.  With inspection during the printing process, the printer can depend on continuous, automatic visibility of the printed image and material quality. Using inspection systems significantly reduces the necessity for manual quality checks by dramatically reducing waste.  Other benefits include the reduction of costly reprinting and the ability to run the press at higher speeds for improved productivity.  The inspection data can even be used to investigate the causes of defects.

Meeting 100% of customer demands 100%
CartonSTAR is an inline inspection system designed to meet the stringent quality requirements of the competitive corrugated industry. It detects all relevant defects on the printed surface. Thanks to its enhanced functionality, the system can reliably differentiate between typical surface structures and defects, all in real time, even at full production speeds. As such, the system is capable of “disregarding” the inhomogeneous surface structure of the corrugated board while reliably locating and categorizing anomalies in the print, including color deviations.  

CartonSTAR utilizes sophisticated “defect classifiers” to precisely identify abnormalities independent of substrate imperfections resulting in defect free product for your most demanding customers.  Since the system is able to focus on actual defects, it helps to achieve higher production throughputs.

Adaptable to all applications
The highly configurable CartonSTAR system can be tailored to accommodate the most challenging printing tasks. Even holograms can be inspected. With its compact design, the system easily integrates into most printing presses and die-cutters. ISRA LED lighting is highly efficient and durable, designed to run for many years without any maintenance. All system components are built to withstand the toughest environmental conditions of corrugated board production.

CartonSTAR can provide communication for defective sheet ejection, conserving resources and saving costs in the production process while also giving the operator peace of mind that only defect-free product is on its way to customers. In addition, the system reporting tool registers all incidents and presents them in a clear, concise defect report for distribution to the quality department and the customer.

100% inspection with CartonSTAR increases product quality while reducing production costs.  Moreover, the solution provides the means to monitor your printing process and quickly alert the operator to correct problems that often lead to unnecessary production waste. The savings provided by 100% inspection strengthens your company’s reputation for quality products and secures a competitive advantage.

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Vital competitive advantages in cold seal application with ISRA technology

Improved quality and process control in real-time for flexible packaging solutions

ISRA VISION, the world’s leading provider of surface inspection systems, now offers cutting-edge technology for continuous quality and process control of printed images, lamination, and coatings with its 100% inline inspection solution PrintSTAR. A medium-sized packaging producer is now using 100% verified and inspected quality, powered by ISRA, for applying cold seal adhesives to flexible packaging. The expertise gained from the inspection is then used to further improve printing processes.

Today’s packaging industry is increasingly focused on sustainability – protecting the environment, using energy and resources sparingly, and recycling. Sustainable production also means that defect rates and waste need to be reduced to a minimum.
A medium-sized producer of cold-sealed flexible packaging films for the food and cosmetics industry faces a challenge here. The packaging it produces has to be completely impermeable to high moisture levels, oxygen, and aromas. The films are also printed according to customer needs.

High demands on inspection

The company has been using various print inspection systems for many years while paying close attention to the latest trends in vision technology. In this case, the packaging specialist was on the lookout for an efficient inspection system to be used in a combined laminator for adhesives with aqueous solvents. Until now, printed symbols were used in cold seal applications to align the cold seal pattern to the print. However, this process increased the complexity of many production steps. The main goal was inspection of the applied cold seal as well as its registration to front side prints resulting in a sharp increase in process quality.

The application places high demands on inspection. The cold seal is applied to a metalized substrate on the reverse of the printed film. Metalized surfaces are particularly challenging to inspect due to their strong reflective properties. In addition, the inspection of print registration proves particularly difficult given that the film is opaque.

Based on ISRA VISION’s high level of competence and expertise in vision systems for coating applications across an extensive range of substrates and markets, the customer opted for the 100% inline inspection system PrintSTAR. ISRA, with its extensive experience, including in metalized surfaces, is the only company on the market to offer inspection of colorless coatings in the high quality that is required.

All defects detected, all processes monitored

The process works as follows: After printing, the flexible film is moved to the laminator, where a patterned adhesive is applied to the reverse side of the film. The application must then be aligned with the print on the front in the precise position in the register at a speed of up to 1,000 feet per minute. Another challenge is that the various films are typically finished with reflective surfaces.

The 100% inspection system detects all defects in the cold seal and monitors the process to ensure that the coating is even, free from voids, and aligns with  the repeating print. Using high-resolution LCCD cameras combined with ultrabright LED lighting, the PrintSTAR system detects both individual and recurrent cold seal defects in real-time. Both sides of the film are checked with the same system plattform. Furthermore, the inspection system allows users to set acoustic alerts to warn them if the cold seal application is in misalignment to the print – thereby freeing up operators to turn their attention to other tasks in the coating process, even while the inspection is running.

ISRA technicians actively supported managers at the packaging producer in finding the ideal location for installing the cameras in the existing machine set-up. The inspection system was ready to use immediately after installation, offering fully reliable inspection results just a view weeks later.

Extensive benefits for the customer

The inspection system offers extensive benefits for the flexible packaging producer, including increased process reliability and reducing production waste. The new inspection system saves material by making it possible to reduce the printed film width. There is no longer the need for registration marks in the trim area. Thanks to the ISRA system, the set-up time was also significantly reduced. In addition, the customer was very pleased with the intuitive use of the software, which makes it easy for operators to get acquainted with the system. The graphical user interface offers immediate quality information currently achieved in the production.

The quality department can use the data collected by the inspection system to improve standards in upstream processes. Review and analysis of production defect trends not only reduces waste but lowers production cost.

 Fast ROI for the inspection system

The system offers a fast ROI by reducing waste, improving quality and saving time and effort in several departments. Going forward, the system’s features and benefits will be used for additional process improvements and to expand the product range. Even at present, 100% verified and inspected quality is an unbeatable sales argument.

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